Revelations COVER REVEAL

I am so excited to reveal the cover of my new novel, Revelations, today! You have no clue how long I’ve waited to share this cover.  And now, it’s finally here!


Have you ever craved something so badly that all reason was just an excuse getting in your way?

Have you needed something so desperately that you didn’t care how you got it or who you hurt in the process?

I have—and not that long ago.


Acceptance… from family and friends…

Acceptance of the person I am inside and not outright rejection.

It didn’t come easily for me, and now I believe the world needs to know just how ruthless life can be. How that overwhelming yearning for acceptance can mold you into someone you don’t recognize when you look in the mirror. I’m through hiding behind one façade after another—it’s time for the world to meet the real me.

~Antoinette Justice

Zola Flash Giveaway News!

So, I have some good news.  My first giveaway is going awesome.  Almost 4,000 people have entered!  That’s great.  That’s nearly 4,000 people who have seen and heard about my work.  That alone means so much to me.  I have to thank everyone who has taken the time out to help me promote my debut novel.  If you guys hadn’t promoted it on your blogs, those 4,000 people wouldn’t have heard about it.  With that being said, THERE IS ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT IN MY GIVEAWAY.  For those who have not enter, click here for your change to win a copy of Zola Flash or a $25 Amazon GC!

Final TeaserTuesday Until Release Day!

Today is the final Tuesday until the release of Zola Flash.  How exciting is that?  Crazy exciting for me!  I so CANNOT believe that my novel is going to be out this Friday.  It feels like I’ve been waiting forever.  So here the last little teaser.  Enjoy!!!


Teaser Tuesday

Zola Flash will be available on October 30th for purchase.

Until then, I’ve decided to post small teasers of what’s to come, every Tuesday, until release day.  So, here’s the first little piece of Zola. teaser01

Zola Flash – Cover Reveal!

We have a cover!

I’ve finally settled for a cover for Zola Flash, the 1st book in the The Zola Flash Series.

It feels like I’ve waited forever to share this cover.  I am so impressed with Deranged Doctor Designs, who took the time to do this.  They are truly talented.

With that being said, here is the official cover for Zola Flash.

ebook The Zola Flash Series 6x9