About the Author

Young adult author T. Marie Alexander lives in the natural state of Arkansas.  When T. Marie isn’t hard at work writing, she’s reading.  Actually, ninety percent of her spare time is spent reading.  The other ten percent is divided between discovering “new” shows on Netflix, hanging out with her husband, and a part-time job in the fashion industry.

Marie Alexander dream of becoming an author started way back when she was seven years old and use to write short stories about her boy band crushes. It wasn’t until fifth grade in reading class that she wrote her first serious novella. However, the novella was about the people around her and no one was pleased with having their dirty laundry aired.  Needless to say, she was sent to principal’s office, who she refers to as Snarky, and was suspended.  Snarky tore up her novella and told her she would never make it as an author, hence why most of her novels are about self-discovery, finding loyal friends, and family.

10 Fun Facts about T. Marie Alexander

  • She’s a huge Taylor Swift fan.
  • She’s deadly afraid of Chucky.
  • Her most watched movies include anything Barbie related and anything Nicolas Sparks related
  • She believes in ghost (but shh . . . she doesn’t want anyone to know).
  • Her life on social media is basically non-existent because she sucks at being sociable. Marie is basically a hermit that needs to learn to have fun.
  • She is a HUGE supporter of STOMP Out Bullying, Feeding America, and the America Cancer Society.
  • Collecting and designing handbags is a hobby she doesn’t mind participating in.
  • She loves baking. Alexander will use any excuse to bake for someone.
  • She’s never attended a comic con but she wants to go as Super Girl one day.
  • She has taken four years of Spanish and one year of German, yet she’s more fluent in German. (Fluent, in this case, meaning sie können ein Deutsch sprechen. That might not be correct.)

Marie Alexander would love to hear from you. If you have questions about any of her books, would like to set up an interview, or just say hello, please contact her directly at alexander.lateaikia@gmail.com.