Zola Flash


Zola is a Victian. And for as long as she’s been alive, her planet has been at war with the ruthless, demeaning Payohlini.

After witnessing the gruesome murder of her family, Zola Flash decides it is time to escape with the one person she was taught to hate before she meets the same fate.  Earth seems to be the perfect place to hide out – to pretend her whole life didn’t come crashing down.

While on Earth, fitting in and making new friends are Zola’s main goal.  It’s what she wants.  A family to call her owns.  But then, Zola uncovers family lies and the true reason behind this never ending war.

Now it’s up to Zola and the enemy, who is swiftly stealing her heart, to save her people and gain retribution for her family. But when revenge and protecting her people mean relinquishing her freedom, she’s left with a difficult choice.


“Please note: A copy of this book was received through YA Bound Book Tours for an honest review while participating on the tour. 

Book one in The Zola Flash Series begins with a planet being overrun with chaos. Readers are introduced to an alien world, no pun intended, were nothing is as it seems. 16 year old Zola Flash, a humanoid but not quite, is watching a battle between her people the Victian against the Payohlini. Taken by the Payohlini, Zola is forced to watch the murder of her people and family. Heartbroken and lonely, Zola has no other choice but to accept the help of an unlikely protector – a man of the same race she was taught to hate. Pin betrays his people to take Zola to Earth and there the two fight to fit in among the humans. As Zola uncovers secrets of live altering proportions, she is left with to chose between a love that is all consuming or a destiny that she is fated to experience.

The story of Zola, not finished by a long shot, is very fast paced and has on cliff-hanger ending. On Earth, Zola falls in love quickly with her supposed “guardian” Pin and catches the attention of a human boy named Trevor. I was worried about the clichéd issue of victim and rescuer but Zola and Pin’s relationship has lot of ups and downs and can be seen as realistic. The emotions Zola experiences are real and typically teen making her more relatable. Zola accepts her emotions, sometimes, but when Pin pushes her away one too many times, Zola turns to Trevor for affection. I can’t really get started on Trevor. He is a jerk… among other things. Pin on the other hand continues to perplex me and for the most part of the story is full of contradictions. I never was quite sure what was going on or why he was acting the way he was. There is a handful of other characters, human and half human, that appear throughout the story to highlight Zola’s desire for friends, family, and acceptance. It is only at the appearance of the Payohlini that everything falls into place.

While I won’t give any spoilers away, ultimately I am left with a lot of unresolved issues concerning Zola Flash. There were things I liked and things I didn’t like. I really want to know more about the prophecy (spoiler!) and the world in which she comes from. It was so strange and new. I also want more of Zola Flash and Pin. I feel like there are big things T. Marie Alexander has left out and I am looking forward to reading and experience more of her story and the stories of her friends. I want Zola to receive the love and freedom she deserves.”

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“Zola is an unassuming Victian girl and since anyone can remember her home planet has been at war with the Payholini. During one such a battle she witnesses the brutal murder of her parents and is taken captive by the Payholini. She manages to escape with the help of a Payholinin warrior and together they set off to Earth.

Once they reach their destination, the two of them need to blend in with the rest of the humans in order to avoid being found and captured. However, soon secrets are revealed and everything she once believed to be true, turns out to be a complicated lie. On top of trying to learn how to be human and navigating life in high school she also has to deal with confusing dreams, learning who to trust and her growing attraction towards Pin, her sworn enemy.

The pace of the book felt a little off to me, with transitions between scenes being so abrupt and some parts of the plot coming out of nowhere, it felt as though some things were ignored in order for the plot to keep going. But as I got used to the writing style of this author, this became a fascinating adventure with plenty of twists and danger. There were also some moments and a few secondary characters that were truly funny and the book managed to hold my attention until the cliffhanger ending.

Pin and Zola were both great characters. Zola is naïve and understandably confused by her new surroundings yet she remained headstrong and she had a great sense of adventure. Pin was often gruff but he had his moments of sweetness and his cockiness was endearing. Even though there was a case of insta-love between them, certain events during the story and their divided loyalties kept the romance between the two fresh and full of tension.

All in all I found this book to be an enjoyable Young Adult Paranormal Romance and a good start to an interesting series.”

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“Zola witnessed what no young teen should ever see, the murder of her entire family and she knows her own safety is on the line. Together with one of her world’s sworn enemies, she escapes to hideout on Earth. You see, Zola is a Victian and she is trying to create a sense of normalcy on a foreign planet with the mysterious Pin, a member of the Payohlini race, the very race who killed her family. Like any teen, Zola has her angst-filled moments, and her crushes, too bad her crush is on Pin, the unattainable guy who serves as her “family” on Earth. One minute he is like a best friend, the next he is cold, distant and almost cruel, but when push comes to shove, he is always there for Zola, watching her back, but keeping so many secrets.

When given a choice, remain on Earth or return to her home world to become Queen, while being forced to marry the future Payohlini King, sixteen-year-old Zola chooses Earth, even it if means Pin will leave. Will she be safe on Earth or will she be tracked down like an animal? Just when she thinks things couldn’t get worse, the lies that were her life come to light and she learns she has no one to depend on but herself, even Pin lied to her, further shredding her heart.

T. Marie Alexander presents Zola Flash, a teen alone in the universe with the weight of her people’s survival on her young shoulders. Zola is proof that even aliens can feel teen angst, insecurities and being caught in that no-man’s land of not being a child and not having the maturity to be an adult. Ms. Alexander’s tale is perfect for younger teens and young adults who will identify with what Zola is feeling in this science fiction fantasy that is well-written, emotional and filled with danger and deceit. Zola Flash is a great foundation to what looks to be an out of this world YA series.

I received this copy from T. Marie Alexander in exchange for my honest review.”

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